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Severn Utilities is located on site, ready to service, set-up and answer your cable and internet needs. For those who travel and are away for more than 4 weeks continuously, we will discontinue your billing while you are absent. There is no disconnect or reconnect charge for this service.
With a "silvercreekestates.ca" email address you can access your email around the world even while your billing is discontinued.
Additional Outlets - no monthly charge - installed for you from $10.00 (plus hst ) per outlet and a one time hardware charge ($6.00 to $9.00 plus hst) if splitters are required.
Our Channel Line-Up
                                               Broadband High Speed.
Always on line - no waiting for slow dial-up connections and snail pace service. Dial-up offers a maximum 56 thousand bytes per second (56 kbps) - our High Speed Service features connection speeds of 10 million bytes per second (10 mbps)!! No telephone line is required - service is provided via the cable television wire. This is an unlimited service, no counting pages or megabytes because you are of overgerges of month.
A "silvercreekestates.ca" email box is provided with each connection.
Monthly Prices include all cables, modem, configuration and installation to your computer (computer must be located and set-up).
Your Gated Adult Lifestyle, Manufactured Home Community.
Or email John Haines Jr. here.
Cable and Internet: for pricing bundles and free set-up contact us in our on site sales office or
Phone (705) 326-2636

It took months to find, a month for shipping with a side trip to Tennessee, why??? We do not know. Then our Tech Support took over writing a personalized support programme. A day to install the unit and weeks of tweaking with the Tech Support. SUCCESS. Now on to the tightening and reduction of interference problems.

Noise Interference

Last fall we did a box sweep and will do so again this spring. Tightening and replacing connections has removed a lot of the interferences but we are tracking some modems that are acting up. In most cases it is just interfering with that clients computer but we found several that were messing with the neighbours connections too. We have red lined 11 and are searching for them to get them repaired. This is a free service call to the modems involved, we can only see Mac ID numbers and noise levels so we do not know whose door to knock on.

We are asking for help from our clients if you have not already done so, we offer one of the following options;

1. Fill out the attached form and drop off at the office.
2. Go to http://www.silvercreekestates.ca/ fill out this form and submit.
3. Call the office and we will either walk you through the process or do a free service call.
Thank you for your assistance.

On another note, I am back in the office with clients waiting for the 2017 sales season. Plus, just
for the fun of it, nagging and picking on John, A hobby I never tire of.

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